The name board of East Park Gym at the entrance

East Park Gym Corporate Offers 

Why Invest in Fitness?

Research surrounding employee wellness and corporate health has shown that a fit and healthy employee adds more value to your business. 

Regular resistance and cardiovascular training has shown to reduce employee sickness, improve productivity and improve employee happiness. 

Gym memberships are a fantastic way for employers to invest in their employee wellness. 


East Park Gym offers corporate packages to employers who are looking to add gym memberships to their wellness programme. 

5-10 employees

5-10 employees and receive 15% discount on monthly membership fees 

11-20 employees

11-20 employees and receive 20% discount on monthly membership fees 

21+ employees

21+ employees and receive 25% discount on monthly membership fees


Apply Today!


Whether you are an employer looking to add a gym membership to your employment packages, or an employee who would like their employer to offer this as a workplace benefit, please get in touch with us at and we will be able to customize a bespoke package for you. 


Blue Light Discount

East Park Gym offer 10% to all blue light card holders. Please sign up and then present your valid card in your name on your first visit to the gym so the discount can be applied.