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Our Virtual Gym Tour is designed specifically so you're able to check out our fantastic facilities across the Gym Floor, Class Studio, EP Box as well as thoughout the common areas of the facility.

We hope you enjoy the tour - simply click HERE to begin or the button below.

The name board of East Park Gym at the entrance

Tried other gyms in Bracknell or Wokingham before?

Perhaps you've already been on a Village Gym Tour or a Puregym Tour or a Gym Group Tour and found that those facilities lacked exactly what you've been searcing for in a gym.

There's a very good reason why 87% of people that Book a FREE East Park Gym Tour end up becoming members.

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*Free Gym Tour & Day Pass – Terms and Conditions

1. UK residents aged 16+
2. Offer entitles the user to free use of the gym and fitness classes for one day only. Classes must be booked in advance to avoid disappointment and will be subject to availability
3. To book your free day pass or to book a class please email us the following details: First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Email Address & Home address. Email to be sent to or alternatively give us a call at 01189 747 585
4. One pass per person only. Day Passes must be presented via confirmation email or text message that you have received from East Park Gym
5. All Free Gym Tour & Day Pass holders must complete a PAR-Q Form (health questionnaire) before entering the gym (provided at the entrance)
6. You can only get a free day pass once, after that you will have to join to be able to use the gym and book classes.

** The user will be able to attend East Park Gym as many times as they like in a day during our opening times. Use of East Park Gym facilities will depend on availability.
^ Class type and availability will vary depending on the centres timetable and bookings. Check the East Park Gym class timetables for full list of available classes.