How Far Is 10000 Steps To Walk? [ANSWERED]

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In a nutshell, 10,000 steps are approximately five miles or eight kilometres based on your stride length, pace, and height.  

Completing 10,000 steps in one go usually takes about an hour and forty minutes.  

At East Park Gym we’re passionate about walking and fitness. Read on to discover the benefits of hitting this amount of steps, FAQs, and more!

Health Benefits Of Walking 1000 Steps

We've listed some potential health benefits based on scientific research.

One study has shown that walking 9,800 steps a day can lower the risk of dementia by 50%.

Additionally, completing your 10,000 steps outside can help relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression and reduce knee and joint pain in individuals with arthritis.

Another study has found that walking 10,000 steps per day is linked to a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, 13 types of cancer, stroke, and heart disease. 

Ultimately, walking helps burn calories, strengthens muscles and allows you to enjoy fresh air.

Will Walking 10000 Steps Help Me Lose Weight?

Walking can indeed help in weight loss as you'll be burning calories. 

While walking 10,000 steps daily has been linked with weight loss it's important to note that it's not a mandatory requirement for achieving weight loss goals. 

Ultimately, combining walking with other forms of high-intensity physical activity can contribute to overall weight loss efforts.

Couple walking together trying to get their steps in

How To Get More Steps Per Day In

There are many ways to integrate more steps into your daily routine.

For example choose stairs instead of using the elevator or escalator.

Or consider participating in a challenge where you walk a certain number of steps each day to support a charitable cause.

If you own a dog commit to daily walks with your furry friend.

You could also walk to work if possible which will also save you money on public transport or fuel.


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Here at East Park Gym we're all about maintaining a healthier lifestyle and believe walking plays an essential part, 

However, if you're in any doubt as whether walking 10,000 steps is right for you make sure to see a doctor and seek professional advice. 

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To: How Far Is 10000 Steps To Walk?

Q: How can I track my steps?
A: There's so many ways that you can track your steps. Most modern smartphones like come with built-in step counters using GPS. Otherwise there's many free and paid apps are available for both Apple and Android mobile devices. A more accurate way to track your steps is investing in a smartwatch with advanced GPS technology.

Q: Is it realistic to walk 10,000 steps a day?
A: Walking 10,000 steps every day can be a realistic goal for many people and a great way to keep active. However,  it greatly depends on your lifestyle, health, fitness level, and age as to whether this is achievable. If you have any concerns about whether this target is suitable for you it's always best to consult with a medical professional.

Q: Does walking 10,000 steps count as exercise?
A: Yes, walking 10,000 steps counts as exercise. Walking is a form of low-impact, moderate intensity exercise that offers a range of health benefits with minimal risks. It is recommended for most people as part of a healthy lifestyle.