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We love fitness. We love Wokingham and Bracknell. And we love what we do!

So we've written a number of articles focusing on fitness, health and nutrition that we hope will interest you, and we'd love to hear from you with any feedback. We hope you enjoy the reads.

Can You Get Abs From Running?

Many individuals aspire to develop visible abdominal muscles, but can running be the key to achieving this goal? Read our article to find out!

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11 Best Fruits for Pre and Post Workouts

Maintaining a healthy, balenced diet is very important if you want to achieve your fitness goals. In this exciting read we'll talk about the 11 best fruits to eat before and after you exercise. We'll also look at what these fruits do for you nutritionally and how you can incorporate them into your workout routine.

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What Do Weightlifting Belts Do?

Weightlifting belts play a critical role in providing support, preventing injuries, and improving lifting performance. Find out more here today!

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Benefits of Filtered Water: Does it Help with Fitness?

Water is essential for your body to work well and perform at its best. In this blog post we will discuss the benefits of filtered water and its impact on fitness. Enjoy the read!

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What is a Good Running Pace?

Discover the significance of understanding your running pace in achieving your fitness goals. This article explores the factors that influence running pace and provides insights on calculating and utilising different types of running paces.

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Do Rowing Machines Build Muscle? | Comprehensive Guide

In this detailed article we will concentrate on the piece of equipment that provides various advantages for your overall well-being and fitness: the rowing machine. Discover how rowing machines can aid in muscle building and enhancing your fitness level at East Park Gym.

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Are Frozen Berries Good for Weight Loss?

Discover how incorporating frozen berries into your diet can support your weight loss journey and unlock a range of health benefits. Get excited and read on!

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How Important Are Rest Days in Your Workout Schedule?

Rest days are crucial in your workout schedule as they allow your body to recover, repair, and adapt, preventing overtraining and promoting long-term progress. Find out more about Workout Rest Days today!

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21 Reasons to Join a Gym

Explore our article with 21 compelling reasons to join a gym and find extra motivation for your fitness journey. Discover into the endless possibilities that await you and let this article become your guiding light on the path to a stronger, healthier you. Enjoy the read!

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Resistance Training Machines vs Free Weights [Guide]

In this article we explore the differences between resistance machine training vs free weight training. While machines offer targeted muscle isolation, free weights engage multiple muscles for functional strength. Both methods have unique advantages for varying fitness goals.

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