The Outdoor Gym Workout: Benefits of Fitness Training Outside

Embrace Nature, Boost Performance and Transform Your Fitness Journey!

Women working out outdoors at East Park Gym in Wokingham

Surely, we’re all aware that an Outdoor Gym Workout can offer a potential multitude of health benefits both physically and mentally. 

Exercising can already provide a physical and mental advantage but taking your workout outside can possibly enhance these benefits significantly.

In this article we’ll unlock the hidden potential of nature for your fitness goals and hopefully inspire you to join with us in transcending traditional indoor fitness practices.

Welcome to the future of fitness at East Park Gym, where we're taking the "work" out of workout and replacing it with the joy of being outside where our fabulous EP Box outdoor workout space is ready and waiting for you!

Why is an Outdoor Gym Better?

It’s not that an Outdoor Gym Workout is better, it’s just that there are added benefits to enjoying an outdoors workout versus and indoors gym experience. 

Exercising outdoors exposes you to sunlight which has positive effects on your brain and body.

Many studies have revealed that exposure to sunlight leads to increased levels of serotonin in the brain which is the body's natural mood stabiliser. 

Additionally, sunlight also boosts the body's intake of vitamin D which has been proven to enhance one's mood.

Outdoor workouts aren't just a change of scenery; they’re a holistic approach to fitness that synergises the benefits of exercise with the healing power of nature.

This can result in boosting your physical performance, significantly improving your mental well-being and producing an unparalleled sense of harmony and balance that can only enhance your workout experience.


Outdoor Workouts Help Challenge Your Body Further

When you engage in outdoor physical activity your body is exposed to various environmental elements that are constantly changing. 

Even simple changes in weather conditions such as heat and breezes can add an extra level of challenge to your workout making outdoor exercise a great way to push your body in ways that indoor workouts cannot.

Outdoor Workouts Help Reduce Stress

Regular outdoor exercise is not only beneficial for your physical health, but it can also help reduce stress as exercise releases norepinephrine which is a chemical that helps to undo the harm caused by stress on your brain. 

One of the primary mechanisms is through the stimulation of the senses. 

When you exercise outside, your senses are activated in a way that indoor exercise simply cannot match. You can see the vibrant green of the trees, hear the chirping of the birds, and feel the wind on your skin. 

This sensory engagement can lead to a state of mindfulness, where you become more present and aware of your surroundings, which is a powerful stress reducer.

Outdoor exercise also often has a social component that can further contribute to stress reduction. 

Whether you're running in a park, hiking on a trail, or participating in an outdoor group fitness class at Eastpark Gym in Wokingham, you're likely to encounter others doing the same. 

This sense of community can promote feelings of belonging and reduce feelings of isolation, which are crucial factors in managing stress levels.

Finally, the variability and unpredictability of outdoor workouts can make them more engaging and fun compared to indoor routines. 

This enjoyment can boost your mood, motivating you to stay consistent with your workouts, and over time, regular physical activity is an effective strategy for stress management.

So, outdoor workouts offer a multi-dimensional approach to stress reduction that incorporates sensory engagement, social interaction, and enjoyment, and rolls it all into whatever outdoor fitness routine you’ve decided on.


Outdoor Workouts Provide for Cleaner Air Access

Yes, access to cleaner air during workouts is indeed a significant advantage of outdoor training compared to indoor activities that typically rely on recycled air.

When you exercise, your breathing rate increases, meaning you inhale more air per minute than usual. 

If you're working out indoors, especially in a crowded gym, you're likely breathing in air that's been recycled through an HVAC system. 

While these systems do filter air, they can't always eliminate all pollutants, bacteria, or viruses. 

Atop of this reasoning, indoor environments may contain other airborne pollutants like dust, mould, or chemical fumes from cleaning products, which can potentially affect respiratory health.

On the other hand, outdoor workouts provide access to fresh, clean air. The natural ventilation outdoors significantly reduces exposure to indoor pollutants. 

Fresh air is generally richer in oxygen, cleaner, and more invigorating. This can result in better lung function, improved immune system, and enhanced overall workout performance.

Are Outdoor Workouts Effective?

Yes, outdoor workouts are incredibly effective for a swathe of different reasons.

The variable terrain in outdoor environments enhances physical challenge, improving balance, agility, and muscle strength beyond what a controlled indoor setting can provide.

The changing scenery available to you when engaging in an outdoor workout here at EP Box also serves to keep your mind engaged, making your workout more enjoyable and potentially encouraging longer exercise sessions.

Outdoor workouts are not only incredibly effective, but also offer several additional benefits that contribute to a holistic approach to fitness, integrating physical strength with mental wellness as we’ve discussed above already.


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