East Park Gym Personal Trainer

Hi, I'm Amy

I'm here to help you figure out the fitness scene since I understand how confusing it can be when you're not sure what to do or where to start. Come say hi if you see me on the gym floor, and I'll be happy to assist you.

My Qualifications & Credentials

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor

A Litltle Bit More About me

I'm Amy and the gym has become a main focus of my life for the past 3 years.

East Park was my first ever gym I trained at and since that first day I signed up I have never left. The biggest element has been the community side of East Park and how much it has offered me in my journey therefore I want to be able to help others embark on their journeys as well.  

I am at the start of my journey in regards to personal training and look forward to furthering my knowledge. My main goal is to help others whether it be starting their fitness journey and finding their passion for it or picking up your fitness journey where it left off. 

As your dedicated personal trainer, I will be committed to holding you accountable yet still having fun ensuring each session is productive as well as enjoyable as I believe the balance is what will keep you motivated. I will aim to create a space where fitness is more than a routine; it's overall a journey towards a healthier, stronger lifestyle. 

My Contacts:

Email  |  membership@eastparkgym.com
Phone  |  07549032462