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East Park Gym prides ourselves on having a dedicated and experienced team of staff who are passionate about helping you achieve your fitness goals. Our friendly trainers and support staff are always on hand to offer expert advice and guidance, and are committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all of our members. Get to know our team and experience the difference they can make in your fitness journey.

Gentiana | Gym Manager

"Don't Fear Failure. Not Failure, But Low Aim Is The Crime. In Great Attempts It Is Glorious Even To Fail" - BRUCE LEE

Ollie | Gym Supervisor

"The Greatest Thing About Tommorrow Is That I Will Be Better Than I Am Today" - TIGER WOODS

Beth | Personal Trainer

“You're stronger than you seem" - CHRISTOPHER ROBIN

Emily | Personal Trainer

"Some people want it to happen, Some wish it would happen, Others make it happen" - MICHAEL JORDAN

Reiss | Personal Trainer

"The only bad workout is the one that didn't happen" - UNKNOWN

Lucy | Personal Trainer

“Our Choices Today Define Our Tomorrow" - UNKNOWN

Staff member Alex at East Park Gym

Alex | Personal Trainer

"Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own" - BRUCE LEE

Ryder | Personal Trainer

"I can accept failure; everyone fails at something, but I can't accept not trying again" - OPRAH WINFREY

Staff coach Alex working out at East Park Gym

East Park Gym's Personal Trainers

We've Got The The Best of the Best

A skilled and certified fitness professional, commonly known as a personal trainer (PT), possesses the expertise to create tailored exercise regimes that are both safe and effective.

With the aim of helping clients achieve their health and fitness objectives, PTs employ bespoke workout plans that cater to specific goals such as fat loss, muscle gain, improved sports performance, and more.

By providing valuable guidance, unwavering support, and motivation, PT's aid clients in their fitness journeys.

Many of these professionals have embarked on their own path towards physical excellence, resulting in a profound passion to assist others in their pursuit of wellness.

It is essential to remember that PTs themselves have once been beginners in the gym, and are therefore equipped to empathise with and support clients who are new to the environment.

Our PT's here at East Park Gym are some of the best in the buiness and will always strive to ensure that within your own workouts, you're achieving the "Best of the Best".