Eastpark Gym Manager

Hi, I'm Ollie

Fitness has enhanced my life beyond comprehension and it's for that reason I'm grateful tpo have been given the opportunity to work with people of all backgrounds, regardless of ability and goals.

My Qualifications & Credentials

  • Level 3 PT – Strength & Conditioning
  • Performance coaching – Specialised in Powerlifting
  • Group Exercise (HIIT, Boot Camp, Lift, Boxercise)

A Litltle Bit More About me

Throughout my teenage years, competitive sports were always a priority which is ultimately what contributed to the beginning of my interest in different means of performance enhancement.

Years of commitment to my craft enabled me to participate in competitive rugby to an exceptionally high standard, which was further aided by the time I’d invested in improving my strength and conditioning within a resistance training environment.

Like many, entering the gym was a psychological hurdle I had to overcome due to the intimidation factor that often surrounds training environments, but it was a hurdle I’m glad no longer holds me back.

East Park houses an environment and community I haven't often seen throughout my years within the gym and it's partly due to this environment that I’ve been given the honour of representing my country at the powerlifting world championships.

My Contacts:

Email  |  membership@eastparkgym.com
Phone  |  07549032462