East Park Gym Personal Trainer

Hi, I'm Lucy

My fitness hobbies are pole dance, calisthenics and building big greedy muscles depending on the season!

East Park Gym Staff Lucy

My Qualifications & Credentials

  • Level 3 Personal trainer.
  • NASM level 2 Gym Instructor 
  • N1 Biomechanics
  • Group Exercise Instructor (HIIT, Boot Camp, Lift, Core)
  • Pole Fitness Instructor

A Litltle Bit More About me

For me the goal in relation to fitness is functionality and confidence to do all the things life throws at us. I squat so I can go to the loo and pick things up unaided for as long as I'm alive! That's the plan!

I'm fascinated by biomechanics and will work with you to balance movement patterns and teach correct muscle recruitment so that we can work towards better mobility and strength. Then we will push forward so you can achieve your goals

I want people to feel totally confident in movement for all circumstances, everyday tasks become easier, and playfulness returns or improves so we have more fun with less concerns. Body composition gains are an inevitable bonus of consistent effort. The effort teaches us mental strength and mental strength connects us to ourselves in the best way.

By setting small goals we can measure progress and enjoy great results and success.
I'm here to help and give you the motivation as you gather momentum.

My Contacts:

Email  |  membership@eastparkgym.com
Phone  |  07549032462