Eastpark Gym Assistant Manager

Hi, I'm Beth

Hey, I’m Beth and as assistant gym manager here at East Park my biggest priority is keeping you happy! You'll catch me either behind the laptop or out on the gym floor training myself and my clients, teaching classes, or keeping things tidy. 

My Qualifications & Credentials

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Group Exercise Instructor 
  • Pre and Post-natal trained (Spin, HIIT, Boot Camp, Lift, Boxercise)

A Litltle Bit More About me

The gym has been my happy and safe space since I was first old enough to be allowed into one, prior to this it was football and running.

I have been lucky enough to experience not only the benefits of prioritising physical health through exercise, but how a solid community and healthy environment to train in can positively impact mental health too.

The gym isn't just training to me, I have met the best friends and even my partner through friendly gym communities. I am proud to say I work in a space that has such a warm and healthy environment. 

My aim is to continue to build and maintain an environment that welcomes and encourages people of all abilities, ages, experiences and goals to train in. I would encourage anyone to make a habit out of taking the time for themselves in the week to train in some way. Everyone deserves to feel like they belong in a gym space.

Personally, my own training goals have predominantly been strength related, with a heavy focus on powerlifting and a few local competitions.

I've taken part in multiple spartan races (if you ever need a race buddy I'm all in!) and my training is now heavily focused on progressing my fitness and strength in alternate ways to manage all the challenging tasks being an infanteer in the army reserve brings. 

My Contacts:

Email  |  membership@eastparkgym.com
Phone  |  07549032462