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East Park Gym

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East Park Gym Fitness Revelations

Nestled in the serene Berkshire countryside, East Park Gym is a top-tier fitness retreat, perfectly situated just a brief journey from Barkham.

Bid farewell to the hassle of lengthy commutes and embrace the ease of high-quality fitness amenities, merely a swift 12-minute drive from Barkham's town center.

At East Park Gym, each session is a step forward in your journey towards peak wellness. With cutting-edge fitness technology and a supportive atmosphere, your fitness routine becomes an inspiring adventure.

Discover the joy of fitness in a setting that is not just a gym but a bridge to a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle, specifically crafted for the Barkham community.

Fun Fitness Classes

Flexible Timetables

Including Spin, Lift, Pilates, AMRAP, Boot Camp, YOGA and more, all at suitable times tailored for your hectic lifestyle.

With more fitness classes than just about any Gym this close to Barkham can provide, we'll ensure your fitness journey at East Park Gym never gets boring!

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Flexible Workout Timings: East Park Gym's proximity to Barkham, Wokingham and Bracknell grants residents the freedom to work out at the times most suitable to fit in with their lifestyles. Whether it's a relaxed morning workout or a pumped up evening class or workout session, the gym's closeness to Barkham means you can always find a time to suit you for a workout.

Superb Community Focus

Our Members Love East Park Gym

East Park Gym's closeness to Barkham, Wokingham and Crowthorne and fosters a real sense of local community. It's not just a gym; it's a welcoming fitness hub for local gym enthusiasts.

Members here at East Park Gym are likely to bump into familiar faces, making workouts more social and enjoyable.

Proximity Perks: East Park Gym's proximity to Barkham provides a wealth of advantages, including shorter travel times and lower costs, while nurturing a closely-bound fitness community. This surpasses just physical workouts – it's about elevating your overall life quality.

For Barkham residents, East Park Gym emerges as the premier destination for a comprehensive and approachable fitness regime. We're thrilled to invite you into our ever growing fitness circle!

Getting From Barkham To East Park Gym

Under 15 Minutes!

Barkham is only a short commute to East Park Gym whether you're driving, cycling, or even (maybe??) jogging. The short distance ensures that you spend less time on the transit and more time working on your fitness.

Simply click the directions button (in blue on the map) below and find out just how close you are to East Park Gym!

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