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East Park Gym

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Conveniently Located For All Ascot Residents

For Ascot residents seeking a fitness experience that surpasses expectations without the headache of a long commute, come and discover East Park Gym.

Located just a short 15-minute drive away in the gorgeous Berkshire countryside, our premier gym brings luxury amenities and cutting-edge fitness to your area.

Leave behind the hassle of distant gyms and inconvenient locations. Instead, make the quick trip to East Park Gym and unlock access to state-of-the-art equipment, elite training and beautifully modern facilities near home.

More than a gym, we’re a judgment-free community that empowers members to become their best selves through convenient, inspiring workouts.

Fun Fitness Classes

Flexible Timetables

Including Spin, Lift, Pilates, AMRAP, Boot Camp and more at times to suit your hectic lifestyle.

With more fitness classes than just about any Gym this close to Ascot can provide we'll ensure your fitness journey at East Park Gym never gets boring!

Whether you’re focused on strength, cardio, classes or all of the above, East Park Gym has it covered.

Bring out your healthiest, most vibrant self without traversing half the county. We already have a number of Ascot residents that make the quick and easy trek to experience the East Park difference.

Now it’s your turn! We eagerly welcome you to discover what our premier gym has to offer, just minutes from home.

Fitness on Your Schedule:

East Park Gym lets Ascot residents workout when it works for them. Our close proximity provides the flexibility to exercise spontaneously, whether you prefer an early morning or late evening session. The 15-minute drive means you can create fitness routines that adapt to your schedule, not the other way around.

East Park Gym grants the freedom to prioritise your health and wellness at your most convenient times.

Community Feel

Members Love East Park Gym

More Than Just a Gym, It's A Welcoming Fitness Community

For our Ascot neighbors, East Park Gym provides more than state-of-the-art equipment and amenities. The short 15-minute drive fosters a vibrant fitness community where members inspire and motivate one another.

Far more social than an ordinary gym, you're likely to see familiar faces and make new active friends during each visit. Workouts become opportunities for camaraderie thanks to our conveniently close location.

Free from distant commutes, Ascot residents consistently gather at East Park Gym to elevate their exercise routines with a dose of community spirit. More than a gym, we proudly serve as the heart of fitness for many locals. Join us and discover what our members already know - we offer a home for health, wellness and friendship.

Best Gym Near Ascot?

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Enjoy Prime Location Perks at East Park Gym

For those living in Ascot, East Park Gym is the premier destination for a convenient and all-encompassing fitness regime. Our prime location allows you to save time and money on travel while becoming part of our close-knit fitness community focused on elevating not just your physical health but your lifestyle too. 

More than a gym, we eagerly welcome you to join our fitness family and experience the East Park difference in both facilities and community.

Our Ascot neighbors consistently choose us as their go-to fitness home for the perks our proximity provides so we hope you come and visit us, as we can't wait for you to see everything we have to offer!

How To Get From Ascot To East Park Gym

Under 15 Minutes!

For Ascot residents, the commute to East Park Gym is a breeze. Whether you're driving, cycling, or even jogging (yes some people do this), the short distance ensures that you spend less time on the transit and more time working on your fitness.

SImply click the directions button (in blue on the map) below and find out just how close you are to East Park Gym!