The Best Kept Fitness Secret Near Earley
East Park Gym

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Great Location For Earley Residents

Nestled in the tranquil Berkshire countryside, East Park Gym emerges as a premier fitness sanctuary, conveniently located just moments away from Earley.

Say goodbye to lengthy gym commutes and embrace the convenience of premier fitness amenities, positioned a mere 15-minute drive via the A329 from Earley's town center.

At East Park Gym, each workout is an opportunity to advance towards your peak wellness. With the latest fitness equipment and a motivating atmosphere, your exercise routine transforms into an inspiring journey.

Discover the thrill of fitness within a space that serves not just as a gym but as a gateway to a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle, specifically designed for the Earley community.

Fun Fitness Classes

Flexible Timetables

Including Spin, Lift, Pilates, AMRAP, Boot Camp, YOGA and more, all at suitable times tailored for your hectic lifestyle.

With more fitness classes than just about any Gym this close to Earley can provide, we'll ensure your fitness journey at East Park Gym never gets boring!

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Flexible Workout Timings: East Park Gym's proximity to Earley, Woodley, and the Winnersh triangle grants residents the freedom to work out at their most convenient times. Whether it's an invigorating morning workout or a soothing evening session, the gym's closeness to Earley ensures remarkably adaptable exercise schedules.

Superb Community Focus

Our Members Love East Park Gym

East Park Gym's closeness to Earley fosters a sense of community. It's not just a gym; it's a fitness hub for local gym enthusiasts.

Members here at East Park Gym are likely to bump into familiar faces, making workouts more social and enjoyable.

We invote all our friends from Earley to grab a FREE DAY PASS HERE and give the gym a whril to see if it suits your fitness goals.

Proximity Benefits: The close location of East Park Gym to Earley brings a host of advantages, including reduced travel time and costs, while also cultivating a close-knit group of fitness devotees. This goes beyond just physical exercise – it's about improving your overall lifestyle.

For Earley residents, East Park Gym stands out as the top selection for a comprehensive and convenient fitness experience. We look forward to welcoming you into our ever growing fitness community!

How To Get From Earley To East Park Gym

Under 15 Minutes!

For Earley residents, the commute to East Park Gym is just too easy. Whether you're driving, cycling, or even (maybe??) jogging, the short distance ensures that you spend less time on the transit and more time working on your fitness.

Simply click the directions button (in blue on the map) below and find out just how close you are to East Park Gym!